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    Please do not flame this posting, it is not meant to discourage postings or to say that all the postings here are not advanced. It is just that there are quite a few posts that are more suited for ASP Q&A and Database Q&A. Now I am not saying these questions should not be posted, its just that when advanced asp questions need to be asked or some of use take our time from work to possibly help out someone stuck on a difficult problem, I tend to find myself just filtering non-advanced questions. <BR>Charles Carroll ran into this problem when he started his list servers and eventually had to resort to maintaining his postings.<BR>I hope no one takes offense to this, its just that I remember when Scott first started this site and I know quite a few people here and I know people do use valuable time to come here to help. So please try to moderate your postings to the appropriate areas. <BR>

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    agreed.<BR><BR>Although it is an easy habit to "hang-out" in one forum that one forgets about the other boards.<BR><BR>I tend to, where possible, post DB questions in the correct forum, but sometimes other boards are not as frequently visited as one might hope for - and well...when you need an answer to a problem solving QUICK - you come to the place where it may be solved fastest.<BR><BR>fl1rt<BR>

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