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    I have an ASP Page that creates an Excel file in the browser. The user typically "saves" the file to their desktop as an Excel worksheet. <BR>Does anyone know how to get the "Download" diaglogue box to open as soon as the page opens to "prompt" the user to "Save"?<BR>Thanks

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    Somewhere near the top of the page you need to set the Content-type to a MIME type that will force the browser to pop up the "save as" dialog.<BR><BR>This should work for IE: <BR>&#060;% Response.ContentType = "application/unknown" %&#062;<BR><BR>For Netscape, you&#039;re on your own.<BR>

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    Default Creating an Excel file is tough...

    But you can create a ".csv" file and then set content-type to Excel and that works pretty well.<BR><BR>Do a SEARCH in the forums...this one and the Databases forum...for Excel and/or download and you should get tons of hits.<BR><BR>

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