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Thread: Help!! Adding element to dropdown & retaining form

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    Default Help!! Adding element to dropdown & retaining form

    --------------------------------------------------------------------------------<BR>I&#039;m still not getting how I can make this work (no worse predicament on a Friday afternoon)....<BR><BR>I have four entry forms -- survey_entry.asp (the survey), house_entry.asp (the company sponsoring the survey), sponsor_entry.asp (the contact at the survey company) and coord_entry.asp (the coordinator at my company). I&#039;ll walk through a scenario to explain my dilemna. Let&#039;s say a manager wants to enter a new survey. He enters the survey name, a unique code for the survey and then has four dropdown boxes, each populated by a different table in the database; the associated survey house, the survey contact, a secondary survey contact(if applicable) and the survey coordinator for this particular survey. (Below the dropdowns are additional input textfields regarding this survey) If your option is not available in the dropdown, each has an associated button to add a new element. So, for example, if the associated survey company is not in the dropdown, you click an "Add" button that takes you to the house_entry.asp page. I am passing the referring form in the URL (e.g. "house_entry.asp?formRef=survey_entry.asp"). The user fills out the fields on the company form (required and other options), submits the survey house form and, if this was referred, it returns the user to the original form (&#060;% if (formRef &#060;&#062; "") then response.redirect formRef else %&#062;); in this case, the survey entry form. <BR><BR> the point of all this issue is regarding retaining the values already entered on the form. Because I have four forms feeding off of each other, I&#039;d like to keep the code as reusable as possible. So, at the point the user would click the "Add" button, the form has not yet been submitted; how do I grab these variables? Once I do have these variables, how do I retain them to the next form and then back to the original on a response.redirect? I would like to avoid the use of session variables in case the user has cookies turned off.<BR><BR>Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated; I&#039;m in the dark. Examples of the code can be provided; just didn&#039;t want to copy and paste everything on this already very long email.<BR><BR>Thanks in advance!<BR><BR>-Jenn

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    Default Enter......learn to HIT ENTER more often

    why dont you save the data to the db and get it from there otherwise you will have to pass it from form to form which i think is a pain in the *** so save and when you paint the page again, get it from the db<BR><BR><BR>

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    Default This seems crazy to me...

    Why not just POPUP a tiny window and add the new values there? The little window confirms that the category has been added to the db and updates the list of &#060;OPTION&#062;s in the main window before closing itself.<BR><BR><BR>Or, if all you need to do is add a *name* to a list, just do it right in the form, no "ADD" button even needed. Set a flag that gets passed to the processing page saying this is a new value that must be added to the given category.<BR><BR><BR><BR>

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