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    HI,<BR><BR>I first time set up my ASP code in the window 2000 server. It is ok on my local machine and intranet, but when I upload in my window 2000 server for internet, when i submitted the form it displays 500 error and i see on my log file is has errors 302,304,404. I search on the google they said " This code tells the client that the browser should be redirected to another URL in order to complete request....." <BR>Does anyone know how to solve this problem?<BR><BR>Please help, I need to setup this one run ASAP. <BR>Thanks all

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    What is the error&#039;s description? If it&#039;s not there, a 500 error by default has a script page for it&#039;s error page. You can change this in IIS on the W2K server by going to the website&#039;s properties, custom errors tab, and scrolling down to 500, change it to "default". This will output relevant error messages for you. Now, what&#039;s it tell you?<BR>~~Chaotix

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