This one is a bit out there, I know. I&#039;ve got a 3rd part web grid (from infragistics) that I&#039;m using for a site. One of the pages that we are displaying has got about 1200 records on it. The real kicker is that it&#039;s updateable. The way that the control manages it&#039;s state is with Viewstate, which means it&#039;s dumping about 1MB of data into a hidden field on the page. As you can imagine, this takes FOREVER to post back to the server.<BR><BR>Ideally what I&#039;d like to do is rip that viewstate out of the page and stick it in the session while the user edits the grid, then somehow put it back in the viewstate in time for the control to read it&#039;s state back in. The control itself has no functionality for state management other than viewstate, so I need to do this outside the control. Anyone have any thoughts?