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Thread: can I hide the code?

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    hi there.<BR>can anyone help me with this?<BR>i wrote vbscript function in my asp file.if someone access the page from the browser could easily view the source drom the View and then Source.Is there a way to prevent this?

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    I take it you mean you wrote your vbscript client side as in they do some form validation or something ont he users machine and not run on the server. If its run server side they won&#039t be able to see it. If client side then they can, the browser need to be able to see it for it to run it. Microsoft have relesed a free script encoder which encodes your client side scripts but I believe it only works with IE4+ but as your using client side vbscript you limit your users to IE4+ any way. You can find it on the scripting section of the microsoft web side, don&#039t know the address sorry, but at a guess it might be something like it does not offer 100% security but will deter the casual code thief.<BR><BR>Hope that helps<BR><BR>Pete

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