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    Had a problem recently where the webpage was calling a component,and got a Server.CreateObject error message. <BR><BR>The code had been stable for several weeks, and hadn&#039;t been changed in that time either, nor had the component.<BR><BR>Does anyone know of any reasons why you might get problems like this? Possibly someone else did something to the server (shared) that might have caused some corruption somewhere? <BR><BR>Any ideas would be greatfully received.<BR><BR>Thanks

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    The component could have been unregistered... Or the DLL deleted (provided it had been unlocked)... Maybe the server ran out of memory and couldn&#039;t instantiate the object... Maybe the component was upgraded and your code then didn&#039;t work correctly with it (classes had been renamed, for example)...<BR><BR>Dunno. Maybe if you posted the error message, we could help :-)<BR><BR>Craig.

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