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    Hi,<BR><BR>One file which resides on a different host needs to write some &#039arguments&#039 to an ASP file. The javascript code for doing this is working, eg it does send the arguments to the ASP file, however I would like to send an "empty" gif file back using BinaryWrite everything I try results in a broken-image...Who can help me ?<BR><BR>This is the javascript in page.htm (where &#039arguments&#039 is filled via javascript)<BR><BR>script language="JavaScript"<BR>document.write("&#060;IMG SRC=&#039http://"+arguments+"&#039& #062;");<BR>/script <BR><BR>in the write.asp I have tried number of possibilities, for instance<BR><BR>Response.Buffer = True<BR>Response.Status = "200"<BR>response.ContentType = "image/gif"<BR>Response.BinaryWrite MyImage<BR>Response.End<BR><BR>Where MyImage has contained the real path to an image file, the URL to an image file or just nothing.<BR>Neither way worked....<BR><BR>Greetz,<BR><BR>Peter

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    I think the BinaryWrite should be use when there is a BLOB data from some source (e.g. the DB). The way you are doing will not work.<BR><BR>For example: <BR>-you can use Response.BinaryWrite rs("Picture") &#062; where Picture is a image (i.e. BLOB) datatype.<BR><BR>- you can use Response.BinaryWrite "http://.../" &#062; This is a string not BLOB<BR><BR>Hope this help

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