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    Hi, <BR><BR>I have installed ASPUPLOAD and have read the documentation and looked online to try to get my question answered, but cannot work out the following:<BR><BR>I would like to use ASPUPLOAD to upload images to a server. I have a couple of queries relating to that:<BR><BR>1. Can I specify the path on the server where the images are stored, or will the always be placed in c:upload on the server?<BR><BR>2. I&#039;d rather not store the images as OLE objects in the database as it leads to such large database files. I would have preferred to just say upload the following:<BR><BR>e.g. <BR><BR>C:Documents and SettingsjbiperoffesMy DocumentsMy Picturespic.gif from my hard drive and then say place it in the following location on the server:<BR><BR> and then in the database just store the name and dimensions of the image. <BR><BR>Thanks<BR><BR>Jim

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    1. yes, this is fully explained in the docs<BR>2. good move. storing images in databases isn&#039;t usually a good move. Especially so if you&#039;re using Access, as I suspect you are.

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