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    Is there a way to check if an application is running on the client computer?<BR><BR>The application in question is Outlook. I would like to know if it is running on the user&#039;s computer when they navigate to an asp page.<BR><BR>I have found on MS Support that you cannot use the GetObject method for security reasons.;EN-US;Q239470&<BR><BR>Because of this I am thinking that you cannot check to see if an application is running on a client computer.<BR><BR>Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.<BR><BR>Eric<BR><BR>&#060;apology&#062;<BR> I realize that ASP normally implies server-side code and I have asked a client-side question. Hopefully, I don&#039;t get flamed for this. However, my reasoning for posting is that ASP coders perform this task on a daily basis on the server, so I figure if it can be done on the client-side, an ASP coder is the one who has likely researched the problem and solved it.<BR><BR>I could be wrong and if that is the gentle.<BR>&#060;/apology&#062;

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    I don&#039;t think you can get to know what applications the client is running on his machine through ASP.<BR><BR>There are good reasons for that. And you have already mentioned that in your post.<BR><BR>~Roy

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