Hi<BR><BR>We are creating a purchase order form, which will have many line items, looks like grid. We are thinking of using ASPGRID. We are looking for features as<BR><BR>1. When user entering Line Item once he completes the last column of the row(Grid), when he presses tab key can we<BR> show him a new row in grid to enter another line item.(Some thing like MS Access Table Data Entry)<BR><BR>2. Can we copy one row of the grid and make exact row and modify that row.(In order to avoid typing)<BR><BR>3. Can we shrink the columns of the grid to left and right. Because we might have up to 30 columns( around 200 bytes) in a row.<BR><BR>4. Can we display the number of rows of grid to the user with out binding it to the database. Because our purpose here is not to display data from database. We would like our user to enter as many line items as he wants and once he submits, we will save them to database.<BR><BR>Any one has ideas what is the best possible to do this.<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR>Sam. <BR><BR><BR>