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    Hi all;<BR><BR>I have a navigation bar that was created with java script and using css files. This navigation bar was created with a wizard, so I am not as familiar with the details of how it works as I should be.<BR><BR>My dilema is the bar works fine in IE 5, but fails entirely in Netscape 4.0. Actually, the navigation bar does not even display in Netscape- no error message or anything.<BR><BR>So, what I would like to do is check the what type of browser is being used. If it is IE 5, I want to display this menu (by calling an include file). If it is any other browser (IE 4, Netscape, AOL, WebTV, whatever), I want to display a simple table that has the same links, but just not the fancy pull down.<BR><BR>Can anyone help?

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    I can indeed help, here you are :<BR><BR>&#060;SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript"&#062;<BR>function browser() {<BR>if (navigator.appName.indexOf("Explorer") !=-1)<BR> {<BR>document.write ("Your Internet Explorer Include")<BR> }<BR>else<BR> {<BR>document.write ("Your Normal Include")<BR> }<BR>}<BR>browser()<BR>&#060;/SCRIPT&#062;

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