Problems with Informix ODBC driver and ASP

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Thread: Problems with Informix ODBC driver and ASP

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    Default Problems with Informix ODBC driver and ASP

    I&#039;m trying to connect to an access.mdb using PWS on NT4, ASP and the MS Access ODBC driver. The access db I&#039;m trying to connect to has a linked table to an informix db, and connects to it using a merant informix odbc driver. The problem is that if I query the informix linked table in access using ASP, it works fine, but I am then unable to connect to the informix tables via odbc if I try and query them from within access normally (i.e. not via asp) Even if I run odbcad32.exe, configure the informix driver and do a test connect...this fails with an Invalid ASF ....error. <BR><BR>Conversely, if I boot up the system in the morning, and run an access query against the informix linked tables, this works fine....but then the ASP script fails when I run it subsequently. It&#039;s as if querying by ASP and directly through access are mutually exclusive. Is there any way around this?

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    Default I would suggest looking on the

    support section of Merant&#039;s website for that error. Maybe they give you options. <BR><BR>You can also see if there are newer drivers available. Remember you are using a third-party(Merant) driver for Informix and Informix is now under the IBM family<BR><BR><BR><BR>How much you want to bet IBM provides a new ODBC driver or better yet OLE DB provider? ; )<BR><BR>Good luck<BR>Pete

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