E-mail messages not being sent via CDONTS

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Thread: E-mail messages not being sent via CDONTS

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    I have a classified ads page and replies to posted ads are not being e-mailed. No error message is generated. The pages contain ASP code to send the e-mails. My hosting service claims CDONTS is enabled. The exact same pages on my previous provider worked perfectly so there is no problem with the code. What can I ask of my Hosting service to help troubleshoot why the e-mails are not being sent? I'm new to ASP and wonder if there is a difference between CDO and CDONTS on the server? For reference, my site is www.miltonexchange.ca and the problem is on the ad detail page. Thanks for any input.

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    surely your ISP can verify that emails are working ? as theyre hosting its their responsibility...ask them for a page they have to verify it..some test page to email you with.

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    Default Also, do some simple debugging

    in your email script. First, make sure you do not have "On Error Resume Next" in your script anywhere. If you do, comment it out.<BR><BR>Then simply response.write all your values of variables(if you are using them) that you are using to set properties of CDONTS object.<BR><BR>response.write strTo<BR>response.write strFrom<BR>...etc<BR>response.end<BR><BR>Does everything look ok? Did you have On Error Resume Next in there? Any errors?<BR><BR>Pete

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