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    Hello,<BR>Can anyone tell me how I would go about assigning the values from an array to a property let and get statement? This is the code I have so far:<BR><BR>&#039;******************************** ****************************<BR><BR>Public Property Get MyProperty(ByVal m_Item1 As Variant, ByVal m_Item2 As Variant) As Variant<BR><BR> &#039;How do I retrieve the elements from here?<BR><BR>End Property<BR><BR>Public Property Let MyProperty(ByVal Item1 As Variant, ByVal Item2 As Variant, ByVal vNewValue As Variant)<BR><BR> &#039;How do I assign the elements here?<BR><BR>End Property<BR><BR>&#039;code from ASP page<BR><BR>set objTest = Server.CreateObject("myTest.Class1")<BR>&#039;this how I want to pass the property information<BR>objTest.MyProperty = "value1", "value2"<BR><BR>I am just stuck on how to assign and retrieve the values in the let and get statments when trying to pass multiple items via one property call. If anyone could point me in the right direction, I would be greatly appreciative. Thanks!<BR> -newtocom-

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    Please see FAQ #110 on

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