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    I have an HTML Form that I need to print on one page. On some computers/printers it will print on one page. On others one or two lines are printed on one page. Does anyone know if you can set the "print to fit" option with JavaScript so that this page will print on one page? Or, can I reduce the print margins. I currently have a print button on the page that uses window.print().

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    Default JScript doesn't allow..

    .. that kind of interaction with the user&#039;s settings.<BR><BR>But, I remember hearing someone post something about an ActiveX control that would allow you to change printer settings. But, your users are going to need to download and install that for it to work.

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    Default R&D CSS page and media types

    You can setup how you want a page prints, such as font sizes, and a whole bunch of other things such as portrait and landscape modes, I believe I even saw Margin settings. CSS is pretty powerful (again depends on your browser&#039;s specs too). <BR><BR>Anyways, as God above would say, just goto and do a search. I remember information was easy to come by on this topic.<BR><BR>Regards,<BR><BR>-Vadim C.

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