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    Can I use Include file as a way to pass parameter from page to page? I read this somewhere but not sure if I remember it right.

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    Default Not really.

    You use include files to have functions/constants available on multiple pages.<BR><BR>But, you would use the Form collection, QueryString collection, Session object or Cookies collection to persist values from page to page.

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    This has it&#039;s limitations and appropriate uses, but I did a project where we wanted to be able to set global variables for each page, without have to hit a DB from each page to do so. To do this, I used a DB to manage the settings, but when the setting is changed I used the FSO to write that variable change to an include file that was then included in each page.<BR><BR>The same thing could be done here, but only if the variable you&#039;re trying to set is somewhat static. Otherwise the overhead of using the FSO would be too great. <BR><BR>Shane

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