I am using OO40 and trying to update a record into a oracle table using stored procedure <BR><BR>I get an error message <BR><BR>Oracle Automation error &#039;800a01b8&#039; <BR><BR>OIP-00005: Variable not in a valid date format <BR><BR>I do not have any date fields in my table, how in the world does this error message occur then ?<BR><BR>I read somewhere that this is an erroneous message and that it occurs when you do implicit value assignment. So i changed a line in this way <BR><BR>OraDatabase.Parameters.Add "P_COMMENTS",rRstemp2.Fields("COMMENTS"), adParamInput<BR><BR>to<BR><BR>OraDatabase.Paramete rs.Add "P_COMMENTS",rRstemp2.Fields("COMMENTS").value , adParamInput<BR><BR>Hoping this would change it to explicit value assignment, when I do this i get a error message <BR><BR>"Not all values are bound " <BR><BR>Now I am truly, madly, deeply stuck. <BR><BR>Narsi