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    I have been trying to call a Stored Procedure from and now I think the problem may have been with my Stored Procedure.<BR><BR>Here is the procedure:<BR><BR>ALTER PROCEDURE dbo.NavigationOld<BR>(<BR>@GroupName varChar,<BR>@Result Int OUTPUT<BR>)<BR>As<BR><BR>Select @Result = Count(groupname)<BR>FROM [Group]<BR>WHERE(GroupName = @GroupName) and (GroupAccessOutlook = 1)<BR><BR>When I call the procedure it says it needs the @Result value passed to it. But I want that to be the output value that is passed back to me.<BR><BR>What am I doing wrong?<BR><BR>Chris Messineo

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    @Result Int=0 OUTPUT

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    Try this:<BR><BR>DECLARE @myresult INT<BR>NavigationOld(&#039;Blahblah&#039;, @myresult OUTPUT)<BR><BR>SELECT @myresult

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