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Thread: Need My Access 2000 database on Our Website

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    Default Need My Access 2000 database on Our Website

    Hello. Not sure if you can help me or not, or point me in the right <BR>&#124 direction. I have an access 2000 database which I need on our website <BR>&#124 for customers to access. At the most, there will only be 2<BR>&#124 people accessing<BR>&#124 the database at once. I am new to databases on the web, and<BR>&#124 new to web<BR>&#124 design. I am willing to pay someone to put the database on<BR>&#124 our site for<BR>&#124 us, or show me how. Any help or suggestions would be<BR>&#124 greatly appreciated.<BR>&#124 Dustin<BR>

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    Default Put the database on the web?

    Just FTP it up and put a link on your site for people to download it.<BR><BR>But, I&#039;m guessing that isn&#039;t what you want to do. You want to have a website that retrieves information from the database and shows it on the screen, right?<BR><BR>If so, there is a multitude of articles on and for doing this.<BR><BR>If you want to pay to have it done, e-mail me, I do freelance work all of the time:<BR>dsetzer AT 27seconds DOT com

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