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    Pierre Charbonneau Guest

    Default MS-Access, Front Page, & ASP

    I am new to this, but any assistance would be appreciated. Using FP2000 and trying to setup ASP via FP to query data from a database in Access2000. ODBC connection as been done, PWS has been setup. I used FP Wizard to setup ASP and saved file as .asp.<BR><BR>The question is that I need to know what nneds to be done via FP to run the query.<BR>Thank you in advance.<BR>

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    Pierre Charbonneau Guest

    Default RE: STILL NEED HELP: MS-Access, Front Page, & ASP

    I have not had any luck. Hope someone can help out.

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    Pierre Charbonneau Guest

    Default Still need help-MS-Access, Front Page, & ASP


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    Woodeye Guest

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    There is a downloadable ASP Wizard on the Microsoft FrontPage 2000 site that is very helpful with setting up Access Database interfaces. Try it out, it was helpful to me.

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