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    I have just discovered inline frames and love it. I am having a problem with them though. When I create my frame I have been using this code: <BR>&#060;IFRAME SRC="sample.html"&#062;&#060;/IFRAME&#062; <BR><BR>Pretty simple. Everything shows up and I can view the new page in the frame. However, when ever I click on any of the links in the frame, it opens up the link in the same frame. How do I make it so when someone clicks on a link in my frame, it opens up a whole new page instead of opening it up in the same frame?<BR>All of the sites that I have visited that I got the iframe code from, if you click on any of their links in their frame, it opens in a new window but the code that they have posted, will only allow the links to open in the frame. Thanks in advance for any and all hlep.<BR>Bryan

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    use the target attribute on the links. this is about as basic as HTML gets<BR><BR>&#060;a href="whatever.html" target="_blank"&#062;link&#060;/a&#062;

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