"searching" div while loading xml with xsl stylesh

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Thread: "searching" div while loading xml with xsl stylesh

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    Default "searching" div while loading xml with xsl stylesh

    &nbsp;<BR> <BR><BR>Here is an interesting one.<BR>I have been trying to show a "searching" message box using a div on the onclick event of a button containing an animated gif just before a xsl stylesheet loads an xml document, however the XMLDom seems to want to bypass the rendering of the animated gif that I am using for the searching message and doesn&#039;t show it at all.<BR><BR>Here is what I am basically doing:<BR><BR>Sub button_onClick<BR><BR>Set oXML = CreateObject("microsoft.xmlDom")<BR>oXML.async = false<BR>Set oXSL = CreateObject("microsoft.xmlDom")<BR>oXSL.async = false<BR>oXML.Load("path")<BR>oXSL.Load("path")<BR >divSearchMessage.innerHTML="&#060;img id=&#039;preLoaderImg&#039; src=&#039;images/pleaseWait.gif&#039; width=&#039;159&#039; height=&#039;11&#039; border=&#039;0&#039;&#062;"<BR>divSearchMessage.st yle.visibility="visible"<BR>Do While oXSL.readyState &#060;&#062; "complete"<BR>Loop<BR>divObject.innerHTML = oXML.TransformNode(oXSL) &#039;results<BR>divSearchMessage.style.visibility ="false"<BR><BR>End Sub..........<BR><BR>The message div doesn&#039;t even show and it seems to go straight into processing the XSL<BR><BR>Any help would be great.<BR><BR>steve <BR>

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    Default nothing to do with the xml

    the xmldom has nothing to do with the animated gif but rather your code.<BR><BR>Do While oXSL.readyState &#060;&#062; "complete"<BR>Loop<BR> <BR>--what do you expect to happen? the xml is already loaded so nothing happens in this loop<BR><BR>how long does the transform take? if you remove the transform do you get an animated gif?

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