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Thread: List Files on users computer.

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    Default List Files on users computer.

    Is there anyway to list files that are located in the spesific directory on the client's machine (ex: C:WindowsTemp) when this client goes to a spesific site.

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    Default Not really.

    You can do it through client-side VBScript code and hoping that they have their security settings set to Stupid and have The Scripting.FileSystemObject installed and use IE.<BR><BR>Or, you can write an ActiveX control that does it. But you&#039;ve got to hope that Stupid downloads and installs it.

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    Default If you could...

    ...then you&#039;d also have the ability to find the *contents* of any files on the user&#039;s computer. Including minor little things like registry settings (where maybe passwords are stored?). And maybe financial statements. And...<BR><BR>So unless your user is a complete idiot and allows you access to his machine...<BR><BR>

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