If i have a search that looks up qualifications, and the user selects a qualification and submits a form, and I then check the live data entered, how do I get the dbase to look up values if a user has an option of others?<BR><BR>E.G user enters &#039Other&#039 and submits form, <BR>dbase returns nothing, part of code on resultspage is:<BR><BR>If len(varqual) Then<BR> If len(query) Then query = query & " AND "<BR> query = query & " qual Like &#039%" & varqual & "%&#039 "<BR> End If<BR><BR>Also, if i have a box where user enters name, and at the moment, dbase checks the name againdt first and surname fields. But when user enters both names, I want a stored procedure(?) where dbase will go to full name field.<BR>At moment code is:<BR><BR>If Len(varNAME) Then <BR> If len(query) Then query = query & " AND "<BR> query=query & " (FIRST_NAME LIKE &#039%" & varNAME & "%&#039 OR SURNAME LIKE &#039%" & varNAME & "%&#039) "<BR> End If<BR><BR>???How do i do this????