I posted this at the general forum, but suspect I should have posted it here:<BR><BR>I am trying to set up a child&#124grandchild relationship to display specific items... <BR><BR> strShapeSQL = "Shape { SELECT DISTINCT ordID, member_id, ordDate" &_ <BR> " FROM orders where itemID &#060;&#062; 0 }" &_ <BR> " Append ((Shape { Select Distinct ordID, itemID from orders } AS Status " &_ <BR> "Append ({ Select Distinct ordID,itemID, shippingStatus from qryOrderReport } As shipStatus " &_ <BR> "Relate itemID to itemID)) " &_ <BR> " Relate ordID to ordID) " <BR>This appears to be working, however, when I do a response.write in a loop, I am getting all itemNo data for each item, instead of just the specific info related to the specific item related to a specific ordID. <BR><BR>Could someone take a look, and tell me what I am doing wrong, please? <BR><BR>Do While Not objRs.EOF <BR> Response.write "Order ID:" & objRs("ordID") & " <BR>" <BR> Set objRsStatus = objRs("status").Value <BR> Do While Not objRsStatus.EOF <BR> response.write "Item No:" & " " & objRsStatus("itemID") & " <BR>" <BR> Set objRsShip = objRsStatus("shipStatus").Value <BR> Do While not objRsShip.EOF <BR> response.write "Status:" & " " & objRsShip("shippingstatus") & " <BR>" <BR> objRsShip.movenext <BR> Loop <BR> objRsStatus.movenext <BR> loop <BR>TIA <BR><BR>Steve <BR> <BR>