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    Question 1:<BR><BR>As I&#039;ve been working on .net, I learned that the datagrid is the only data control that allows paging and sorting. Although it&#039;s a really powerful and rich control, it&#039;s also pretty bulky and inefficient from what I&#039;ve read. Plus, in order to keep from having to return the entire dataset from the database each time I page, I&#039;d have to implement some custom paging. This feels like I&#039;m writing code for classic ado with the absolute page and pagesize of the recordset. So, it&#039;s not so much that I&#039;m complaining about the control, I&#039;m just wondering if anyone in the experimentations with .net has found a way to page a lighter control like a datalist or repeater?<BR><BR>Question 2:<BR><BR>When I write my code behind pages and compile them (I don&#039;t have VS.NET, but ASP Matrix ) it creates a .dll for that page. However, in VS.NET, if I build the solution, it will put all code behind into the same namespace .dll. This would be preferred because then I&#039;m not trying to keep track of all of these different .dlls, but they&#039;re all in one. Can anyone tell me how I can compile all of my code behind pages into one .dll without vs.net?<BR><BR>Thanks!

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    Hi,<BR><BR>You should be able to adapt this command line compiler instruction. It will compile all the .vb files in the current folder into one dll (named, in my example, "wec.dll").<BR><BR>vbc /t:library /out:C:Inetpubwwwrootinwec.dll *.vb /r:System.web.dll /r:System.data.dll /r:system.dll<BR><BR>hth,<BR><BR>JON<BR><BR>

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