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    Hey there,<BR><BR>I am using a session variable to store whether a user has been "logged in" / "validated" ok .. which is working well. The problem I have got is that when a Session.timeout occurs (left to the default of 20 mins which I don&#039t really want to change) and the user tries to access something on whaveter "protected" page they are on a new window opens within the frame with the login screen.<BR><BR>Is there any way of "catching" the point in time where the session timeout is hit and redirecting to a certain page?<BR><BR>Any / All comments etc appreciated,<BR><BR>Cheers,<BR><BR>Justin

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    You can use the following code<BR><BR>If Session("User_id") & "" = "" then<BR> Response.redirect "default.asp?msg=" & Server.UrlEncode("Your session may have timed out. You must re logon to the system.")<BR>end if<BR><BR>

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