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    my members profile page has a button that opens a pop-up window via a javascript. within the window the member may add/delete interests. the window uses session variables to update the database.<BR><BR>trouble is: the new window does not recognize the session variables. wierd thing is, originally it did and the new window updated the database seamlessly. currently, this is the only window on my site that opens with such a script, and it is the only window that does not see the session variables. the session is not timing out.<BR><BR>any suggestions?

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    Default Depends on browser...

    ...and unfortunately you, as the server, have no control at all over this. The browser decides whether to open a new thread (and thus use the same session) or a new process (and thus a new session). In MSIE 5 (and I think 6), the user can choose to *always* get a new process/session, but I don&#039;t believe there is any way to say "never give me a new process."<BR><BR>The best solution here is probably to send the session-setting info back to the parent window and then, when it finally gets submitted, finally actually set the session values as desired.<BR><BR>

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