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    I try to use ASP to copy a text file from other directory, such as "d:\" to my asp directory such as "c:Inetpubscripts\". And it works well <BR><BR>after I do the copy, I also can include that text file on the other ASP at the same directory. <BR><BR>but problem occured, when i tried to combined both of them. <BR>i use ASP to copy the file which does not exist in current dirctory, then I include it later. But it returns that :error: no such text file (or similar meanings) <BR><BR>my code is like this <BR>&#060;body&#062; <BR>&#060;% -----copy the test.txt here to current directory %&#062; <BR>&#060;!-- #include File="test.txt" --&#062; <BR>&#060;/body&#062; <BR><BR>it seems that it will excute the include command first to me <BR>anyone know what i can do for this? <BR>very appreciate <BR>

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    Default server.execute maybe

    All include directives are done before the VB-script is executed.<BR><BR>Look at server.execute method.

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