hi,<BR>i trying to load a xml document to an asp .net page, sent through a flash movie. i use the send method of the xml obejct in flash. (Description: Method; encodes the specified XML object into an XML document and sends it to the specified URL using the POST method. )<BR>flash code:<BR>xmlOrderDoc = new XML("&#060;mydoc/&#062;");<BR>xmlOrderDoc.send("http://localhost/output.aspx", "_self");<BR> <BR>in my asp .net page<BR>i do the following<BR><BR>Dim xmlOrder As New XmlDocument()<BR>xmlOrder.Load(Request.InputStream )<BR><BR>&#039;do something with the xml doc...<BR>Response.Write(xmlOrder.OuterXml)<BR><BR >when i execute the script it says the root element is missing.<BR>when i execute the script from flash nothing happens.<BR><BR>can someone help me?<BR><BR>thank you<BR>alex<BR>