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    Hi:<BR>Sort of a silly question, but what&#039;s the best way to put a thin, consistent black stroke around a layout that&#039;s, say, 780x500 centered at the top of the page? I tried just having everything inside a 780x500 table and putting the border equal to one and set to black, but it renders differently in IE/NS Mac/PC. Is there a good consistent way? Maybe something with CSS? All I can come up with is making a 1x1 black pixel and stretching it in table cells around the layout, but perhaps there&#039;s a better way? That seems sort of convoluted. Thanks for any help!<BR><BR>Rob

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    Try this simple thing... <BR><BR>&#060;div align="center"&#062;<BR>&#060;div style="align:center;height:500px;width:780px;borde r-style:solid;border-color:black;border-width:1px;"&#062;<BR><BR>This should work<BR><BR>&#060;/div&#062;<BR>&#060;/div&#062;<BR><BR>-Vadim C.

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