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    Default Boolean datatype formatting help?

    I can&#039;t find a suitable reference to show me how to declare the input value of a booean field format. Each time I view the database it shows a null value. I have tried to define it as both &#039;True&#039; and &#039;False&#039; or 0 and no format type is displayed:<BR><BR> objFourthTable.Columns.Append "Number_Field", adInteger, 3<BR> objFourthTable.Columns.Append "Text_Field", adVarWChar, 55<BR> <BR> <BR> objFourthTable.Columns.Append "True/False_Field", adBoolean, &#039;format true/false value

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    objFourthTable.Columns.Append "True/False_Field", adBoolean, adParamInput , , "Yes"<BR><BR>Here the boolean variable is being passed as in input parameter(you may change it to adParamOutput if you want so) with a default value Yes.

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    Default Just True or False, no quotes...

    objFourthTable.Columns.Append "True/False_Field", adBoolean, True<BR>or<BR>objFourthTable.Columns.Append "True/False_Field", adBoolean, False<BR><BR>You *are* aware that this only works for Access? SQL Server doesn&#039;t have a boolean field type.<BR><BR>

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