I am looking at the possibility of replacing some legacy web software with ASP.NET . The legacy software includes a grid control which is roughly equivalent to the DataGrid, ie it populated a recordset from the database and displays it as an HTML table. But there a few things it could do that I don&#039;t know how to do with .NET:<BR><BR>1) When you first create the grid, it only sends the first 30 records returned by the query. Then, when you scroll to the bottom, it fetches the next 30. It does this WITHOUT reloading the whole page, which is a massive waste of bandwidth. Can this be done with the ASP.NET DataGrid?<BR><BR>2) The formatting consists of static HTML. Therefore, it can be used as part of a static HTML page, so when the client comes back to the page, he can load all the HTML from his cache and only fetch the recordset from the server, again saving plenty of bandwidth. Can this be done with the ASP.NET DataGrid?<BR><BR>Sorry if these are stupid, I am a newb at ASP.NET.<BR><BR>-Roy Koczela