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    HI Friends,<BR> Do we have a tree view type component in ASP?<BR> 1)What exactly we are trying to do is building a tree dynamically by reading a sql server database?One frame is for showing the Tree structure?and other one is for displaying the result of the user clicked link?<BR> 2)The links in the tree targeted to any file like word document,excel sheet,notepad file etc.Is it possible to save the file with save dialog box if it all user click on a link which is targeted to excel file and where as excel is not installed on the targer system?<BR><BR>REgards<BR>chandhu<BR>chandrak@info<BR><BR><BR> <BR> <BR>

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    Default Use VB.NET...

    ..which comes with a wonderful Tree control.<BR><BR>If you do this in ASP, your only real choice is to use a client-side JavaScript control. Though there *are* several of them out there. GOOGLE can probably find them for you.<BR><BR>

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