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    Default Confusing Roadblock In My Application

    My user has the option to send a complaint to multiple parties. She does this by selecting from list box values on the form. Ok the form also stores other info including the date of the complaint, the subject of the complaint, etc. I store this information in a table right now that has a field called forwarded_to. Right now all of the persons selected from the list box are stored in that column. My question, well need acutally, is how do I insert a unique record for each selection from the list. Say if the user selects one person to forward the complaint to, then only one record is inserted. If two, then two is inserted, and so on. Just a question

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    Default Have a seperate table for that

    Something like a FWDTO table<BR><BR>where the columns are<BR><BR>MessageId<BR>UserId<BR><BR>and these will be composite primary keys<BR><BR>So for every message you can have multiple users you will send to or can have only one person<BR><BR><BR>

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