I&#039;ve written an XML web service in Visual Basic.NET which takes in two parameters, and returns the result of a DB query based on those two parameters. The web service returns a dataset which the client writes into an XML dokument. The XML will be transformed into a WML dokument which is sent to a cell phone in a WAP call. <BR><BR>I wish to call the web service client and enter the parameters from that cell phone, and have the result displayed in the phone. The question is, can I make an ASP page which:<BR><BR>1. Recieves a WAP call, and takes the parameters.<BR><BR>2. Calls the client with the parameters.<BR><BR>and after the XML dokument is transformed-<BR><BR>3. Sends the resulting WML dokument back to the phone?<BR><BR>Hope you can help.<BR><BR>/Gruby