I am working with a datagrid, and I wanted to allow the user to change the value of the first column. I added an EditUpdateCancel column. I wasn&#039;t sure how to use it, so I found this sample on asp.net: <BR><BR>http://samples.gotdotnet.com/quickstart/aspplus/doc/webdataaccess.aspx <BR><BR>I mostly copy and pasted the code from there and came up with the code below. Basically I&#039;m just copying the value of the textbox (that is created when you click the Edit link) into my dataset. I know that the dataset isn&#039;t the problem, because I setup a test label just to print the value of ColValue (the value of the textbox) and it always prints what was in the column before I click the edit link. <BR><BR>Here is my code: <BR><BR>Public Sub dgrdCart_Update(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal E As DataGridCommandEventArgs) <BR>&#039; set the quantity amount in the dataset for this record equal to the new value <BR>Dim intRow As Integer <BR><BR>&#039; get the row we are updating <BR>intRow = E.Item.ItemIndex <BR><BR>Dim CurrentTextBox As TextBox <BR>CurrentTextBox = E.Item.Cells(0).Controls(0) <BR>Dim ColValue As String = CurrentTextBox.Text <BR><BR>ColValue = CurrentTextBox.Text <BR><BR>Dim DS As DataSet = Cache("myDS") &#039; for our order dset <BR><BR>&#039; if we havent setup our fake dset yet, then set it up <BR>If DS Is Nothing Then <BR>DS = GetData() <BR>End If <BR><BR>DS.Tables(0).Rows(intRow).Item("qty") = ColValue <BR>DS.Tables(0).AcceptChanges() <BR><BR>dgrdCart.EditItemIndex = -1 <BR>dgrdCart.DataBind() <BR>End Sub <BR><BR>When i run this, it doesn&#039;t give me the correct value for the text property of the textbox. Lets say for example, the original value of the cell was 5. Then I click edit, and change it to 18, then click update. It says that 5 is the value of the textbox, so It doesn&#039;t actually change anything. <BR><BR>Why is the textbox not returning the proper value???<BR><BR>Thanks Everyone!!!