I have the basic for this Query but...<BR>returns all the Numbercalls ! not the number for each prospect help too tired !<BR><BR>SELECT &#039;P&#039; + convert(char(10),P_ID)as newpid, name as Salesrep,Prospect, address1, city, state, zip, p.s_id,( select count(online_SalesCall.con_id) as numbercalls from online_SalesCall, online_salescontact,online_SalesProspect Where online_salescontact.con_id = online_salescall.con_id and Online_SalesContact.P_Id = Online_SalesProspect.P_ID and Online_SalesProspect.Cust_id is null) as Numbercalls FROM Online_SalesProspect p left JOIN Online_SalesName s ON p.S_id = s.S_ID WHERE Prospect like &#039;%" & keyword & "%&#039; AND p.S_ID =" & S_ID