I&#039;m having problems with folders when trying to rename them using the FileSystemObject - I get "permission denied" from the ASP page, and even on the server itself I can&#039;t manipulate the folder ("check that it&#039;s not read-only or not in use").<BR><BR>My folder permissions are fine (incl. anonymous web users etc), and there&#039;s no read-only issues. There are no applications visibly using the folder. <BR><BR>The best I could isolate the problem is when I do the following actions (in this exact order, variations don&#039;t cause the problem):<BR>1) Create a folder<BR>2) Upload a file to it<BR>3) Update that file (overwrite it with a new upload of the same filename)<BR>4) Move that file to another folder<BR>5) Delete that file from the folder just moved to<BR> ** Problem occurs now - I can&#039;t rename the original upload folder **<BR><BR>Waiting 40 minutes didn&#039;t help (I tried this in case Iis had a lock as the softartisans support suggested). If I do an Iis reset however, this temporarily solves the problem.<BR><BR>(Although I posted something similar the other day, I thought maybe this was more clear...)<BR><BR>Many thanks.