Impersonation problem? or..... (please ignore/dele

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Thread: Impersonation problem? or..... (please ignore/dele

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    I have an .NET/SP1 server, and a couple of "old" NT4/IIS4 servers. <BR><BR>I&#039;m usinge ASP.NET applications to read/write to files located in shares/FP-webs on the NT4 servers. <BR>Impersonation is configured (in web.config) and it worked fine until recently... <BR><BR>NOW: If I run the application on the .NET server (local): everything is "Hunky dory" <BR>BUT running the application from a client machine ( is the same!!!) throws me a "Enter Network Password" dialog box. AND the "nice" thing about this is that I can <BR>enter user/password of any administrator - It won&#039;t help... ACCESS DENIED. <BR><BR>This situation is getting painful... <BR><BR>Help....

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    Please refer to my answer in your previous post. Sounds *symptomatic* of a delegation problem to me.<BR><BR>

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