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Thread: form problems need code pls help!

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    Default form problems need code pls help!

    On my site i have created three diff order form pages using ASP and i created another asp page as a menu to the other ones and i put a form on it using ONLY three radio buttons what i want is for those radio buttons when checked ( none is checked my defualt) to go to the correct order form below the radio buttons so kind like a tree menu effect i dont want the borwser to refreash to the order form i want it to appear on that same page as the radios i dont want frames either.. any help would be great thanx alot<BR>Stephen

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    This sounds like more of a Javascript or DHTML question. You may want to read some tutorials on those topics, particulary about the .display and .visibility attributes.

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    Default can't do it

    At least not the way you describe it.<BR><BR>The best you could do would be to duplicate the portion of the first page that has the 3 radio buttons on it into *ALL THREE* of the other individual order form pages.<BR><BR>So that it would *SEEM* to the user that you loaded the additional stuff below the buttons, where you actually simply replaced the entire page.<BR><BR>Yes, you could then CHECK the same radio button that the user had checked on the prior page.<BR><BR>Actually, this is probably pretty easy to do.<BR><BR>Create the code for the radio buttons as an INCLUDE file.<BR><BR>Then your first page just #include&#039;s that file but has nothing else on it.<BR><BR>The other three pages #include the same file but then go on to show the three order forms.<BR><BR>

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