I&#039;ve been programming in ASP.NET and C# for several months and am trying to write my first C# Windows application. I&#039;m trying to read from a text file and keep gettings "Invalid URL" errors. The code in question is as follows:<BR><BR>StreamReader objReader = new StreamReader("DataSetMod.txt");<BR><BR>and the error is:<BR><BR>An unhandled exception of type &#039;System.ArgumentException&#039; occurred in mscorlib.dll<BR><BR>Additional information: Invalid URL.<BR><BR>I currently have this text file in the same folder as my Visual Studio Project, but I&#039;ve gotten the same errors when I provide an absolute file reference (e.g. c:\datastores\DataSetMod.txt). What am I doing wrong? I&#039;d appreciate any assistance on this!<BR><BR>