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    Damu( Guest

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    Hi,<BR> I am New to Asp. Can any one help me how to Startor send me some URL&#039s where I can get Info.<BR>Thanks In advance.<BR><BR>Damu.

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    Rob Guest

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    Firstly, if you intend to teach yourself ASP i would reccomend getting the following books to get started:<BR><BR>Sams Teach Yourself ASP in 21 Days<BR>Sams ASP 3.0 Unleashed<BR><BR>Working through those, you&#039ll be able to do some pretty decent stuff within a week or two.<BR><BR>If your planning to use asp for database work i&#039d also reccomend<BR><BR>Sams Access 2000 Development Unleashed as this is a great help for learning the ins and outs of Access 2000 and Relational databases (assuming you&#039ll be using an Access DB as a backend for learning)<BR><BR>After that lot you should be pretty fluent in VBScript and ASP, some sites that i visit are:,,,,,,<BR><BR>Hope that helped<BR><BR>(PS, get those books from amazon, there pretty cheap)<BR><BR>

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