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    QuickAdmin v2.0 has just been released. This ASP.NET control addresses a common requirement: you need back-end admin pages, but you don&#039;t want to spend a lot of time writing them.<BR><BR>QuickAdmin enables you to build incredibly slick admin pages for web site back-ends, without writing any code. Integrating with VS.NET, QuickAdmin uses drag-and-drop, wizards and property builders to make the whole process a snap. You can build admin interfaces in minutes, and so have more time to spend on the rest of your site. <BR><BR>QuickAdmin eliminates the tedious process of building admin pages from scratch using datagrids, hand-coding all the SQL queries and operation logic.<BR><BR>QuickAdmin can also be used without VS.NET, by simply using QuickAdmin tags in you ASPX files. Scalable, secure and fast, QuickAdmin is written in 100% managed C#.<BR><BR>Visit www.quickadmin.net for a free evaluation version, or to view demos of QuickAdmin in use.<BR>

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    Default You should be kicked in the face.


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