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    There is something i dont understand, if eveyone says stored procedures are so good and efficient then why not just have only stored procedures? Without any asp based sql.<BR>Ok so maybe you would need this for building dynamic queries, but other than that should all of my queries be stored procedures?

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    &#062; other than that should all of my queries be stored procedures?<BR><BR>Quite probably.<BR><BR>There&#039;s not a heluva lot of advantage in using a SP when you need to pass in a list of values, such as in<BR> SELECT ... WHERE someField IN ([hl="yellow"]&#039;john&#039;,&#039;henry&#039;,&#039;robert&#0 39;[/hl])<BR>since you&#039;ll end up having to do an EXECUTE on the query, anyway. But for most simpler queries...or for the truly complex ones... Yeah, why not always an SP?<BR><BR>

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