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    Hello all. Here is my dilema and what I need to do. I have a site that is all ASP and Javascript. I have a Report page(PAGE 1) that comes up. On that Report Page(PAGE 1) there are links that are created dynamically that go to the next page(PAGE 2) that are all the same. Now here is the issue. I could do this by passing back values to the original report page(PAGE 1) but its to much work and load time. The second page(PAGE 2) has Javascript code that on the hit of the escape key does a location.href back to the Original Report page(PAGE 1) from that second page(PAGE 2). I cant use History.Back for the following reason. The second page(PAGE 2) also has a link that pops up a popup box page. If I then close the popup page and hit escape the History.Back tries loading the Popup Page. I also tried History.Go("URL") but that does not work in later versions of IE and didnt for me. How can I go back to the previous page Which is the OPENER page and bring it back up without reloading it and passing variables back with request etc? Thanks all.

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    Default Have you never heard of the ENTER key


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