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    Default THANKS TO BILL

    It may be the off-topic, but i want to share my happiness. Mr.Bill Wilkinson helped me a LOT, infact he solved my problem. He is a Very Good "MENTOR". All his emails to me regarding my problm were so explanatory. I NEVER SEEN such a kind person in IT field. " Thank You So Much Bill"<BR>

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    Default Never?

    &#062;I NEVER SEEN such a kind person in IT <BR><BR>Not even said Ghost? <BR><BR>Fine.. be that way. It&#039;s your house I&#039;ll come-a-hauntin&#039; this Halloween then :p

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    Default Wait until he gets my bill...

    Whoosh. He&#039;ll have to mortgage his first-born child to pay for it.<BR><BR>{If anybody cares, he&#039;s talking about the problem he had reading an Excel sheet via ADODB. The person who created/designed it had used *heterogeneous* columns! And, of course, ADO is expecting a database, where all the "columns" are homogeneous. So it would blow up when it got a value that was out of range for the column type. I&#039;m not sure I really "solved" the problem, since if the next sheet he gets has *different* data types, it will need code adjustments, as well. And it&#039;s certainly possible that some columns will be so homogeneous that there&#039;s no good solution. It was really a matter of bad design and applying a hack to "fix" it.)<BR>

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