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    I have a web form the has a fax number entery and an email entry for the user to fill out then they click email or fax. Using ASP (VBScript) how can I send the email or fax by using outlook and without SMTP? I'm using Outlook that has to be installed on the users pc and it's needs to display the new message window so the user can type a message. I have a VB program that does this but I need to be able to do this via a web page, is it possible?

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    Default donno how the fax thing works but

    emailing through the web is going to use a SMTP server. So be sure to get one.<BR><BR>There is an in-built ASP object(CDONTS) for the purpose of email. You might want to check the ASPFAQS link on the top right corner of this page and check the faqs on EMAIL.

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