I&#039;m trying to create a datagrid that contains information from an XML file and information from an Access database.<BR><BR>The XML file is my primary datasource. I connect to an external site to download this file.<BR><BR>The Access database I have contains supplimentary information that I would like displayed that the external site does not provide.<BR><BR>My web site is for my guild in the game Dark Ages of Camelot. The XML is provided by the company that creates this game. The XML I download is at:<BR><BR>http://www.camelotherald.com/guilds/Iseult/403.xml<BR><BR>My web site is: http://www.thehuntsmen.com. <BR><BR>If you go to the Guild Members page, I create the datagrid using only the XML provided by Mythic. I would like to add an additional column or two that I pull from my Access database.<BR><BR>If you click on a name in the Member Roster you go to a profile page for the individual character. The information on that page I am able to pull from both sources without a problem using the character name to pull data from both sources.<BR><BR>I would also like to be able to create two datagrids. One that is just for main characters. And one for Alt characters. I only know if a character is an alt if the person updated their profile with an alt name which is stored then in my Access database.<BR><BR>My Access database at this time only contains additional information that is not provided by Mythic in their XML file.<BR><BR>The only way I could think of doing all this was to import the data from XML daily into a table in the Access database and use SQL queries to pull the data I want for each datagrid.<BR><BR>Is there a better way than this to get this all done?<BR><BR>Thanks,<BR><BR>Jen